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June 11, 2017  

A personal reflection on a Jewish holiday and how current events have made it much more urgent.

March 27, 2017  

We celebrate Earth Day a month early and explore ways we can help to heal the earth.

March 12, 2017  

From our March 11th service.  Hate seems to be everywhere.  What can we do?

March 2, 2017  

From our February 25th service.

January 15, 2017  

Sermon from the January 14th service.

December 18, 2016  

From our December 17th service.  Go to our website for a link to "Light One Candle" at the end of the sermon.

October 22, 2016  

From our October 22nd service.

July 1, 2016  

With all that is happening, there are two topics.  The first is the misuse of "radical Islam" to describe terrorists. Then we do celebrate our six wonderful years as the Living Interfaith Church by exploring the wonderfully diverse forest of spiritual trees that make up humanity's search for the sacred, and are careful to observe that trees have branches.

June 30, 2016  

Finally uploading the May 12th sermon.  Sorry for the delay. 

March 22, 2016  

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